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AIO Launcher has a feature that provides users with important information about settings. You can view key information about your device settings in a table or grid.

Are you using a mobile device but already know the installation details? Then AIO Launcher will provide you those experiences by providing important information and metrics needed for installation. The application does not contain color icons, but simply with two accents, black and white. This information will be accurately provided and left to the user to review the amount of loss when using this setup. The application also promises to develop further and provide users with a series of useful features.


This app is known to provide users with a wide range of essential information about this facility. You’ll see all the apps currently on the device in the app, and you can choose to re-add them if you accidentally delete them. This information is provided objectively and transparently to meet the needs of users.


The application provides you with a wide range of specifications on this parameter. Specifically, the parameters will be detailed and clear for users to evaluate. Settings will help you see how much space it consumes.


Users can manually rearrange the settings right in this application. New, more modern arrangements can be chosen to make your device even more unique. Users can also move between settings and arrange them in different positions according to their needs.


The application allows you to delete unused settings to save space. Users can immediately use the quick filter feature to filter out unused parameters. Then you have to see if you need it or not; otherwise, just select remove and the installation will take a few seconds.


The application has added a series of modern new interfaces to meet the refreshing needs of users. Specifically, you can also modify the look by yourself by merging them and taking the center points as the key points. The harmony between the interfaces will make the application more fresh and user-friendly than ever.


You can change the setting layout in the app this time. Move between parameters and place them in the most appropriate places. Moreover, you can also easily change the font format to choose from if you want. Change the order of options and it’s up to you to get it.


The app allows you to use more icon packs in this collection. These icon packs will provide new icons for each theme for users to choose from. Specifically, each icon pack will also include a featured wallpaper that you can use to synchronize in every way.

The application is simple, so two-tone black and white will be the main color, but now there is a range of featured colors. New color styles or color combinations are also used in this application. The main purpose is to update more apps and showcase your own device.


  • Provides a variety of information and metrics related to the settings contained in your device.
  • Gives the most accurate statistics and you can rely on that to see how much your ownership is.
  • Make new themes available to users, and you have the power to choose those themes.
  • Add a series of modern interfaces to the application, open interfaces that users can choose from.
  • You can change the color and layout by yourself to avoid the inherent blandness of this application.
  • There are many amazing icon packs built-in and you can also design them yourself.

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Should work on Android 13 now, not tested though..

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  • AIO Launcher Screenshot
  • AIO Launcher Screenshot
  • AIO Launcher Screenshot
  • AIO Launcher Screenshot
  • AIO Launcher Screenshot

Downloads : Premium features unlocked

AIO Launcher v4.5.5 [Premium] AOSP APK / Mirror

Older Version

AIO Launcher v4.5.4 [Premium] AOSP APK / Mirror

AIO Launcher v4.5.3 [Premium] AOSP APK / Mirror

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