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VRTV VR Video Player

Title: VRTV VR Video Player – A Comprehensive Virtual Reality Video Player


VRTV VR Video Player is a powerful application designed specifically for virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts who want to enjoy immersive video experiences. This versatile app allows users to watch their favorite videos and movies in virtual reality, providing a unique and captivating viewing experience. With its impressive features and user-friendly interface, VRTV VR Video Player stands out as a top choice for VR video playback.

Key Features

1. Wide Compatibility

VRTV VR Video Player supports a wide range of virtual reality platforms, including popular headsets such as Google Cardboard, Daydream, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and more. This broad compatibility ensures that users can enjoy their VR videos on various devices.

2. Multiple Video Formats

The application supports an extensive range of video formats, including standard formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, and MOV, as well as VR-specific formats like SBS (Side-by-Side) and 360-degree videos. This flexibility allows users to access a vast library of content and ensures compatibility with different VR video sources.

3. Intuitive Interface

VRTV VR Video Player offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes navigating the app seamless. Users can easily browse through their video library, access various playback controls, adjust settings, and manage subtitles within the VR environment. The interface is optimized for VR usage, providing an immersive and comfortable experience.

4. Customizable Settings

The app provides a range of customization options to enhance the VR video playback experience. Users can adjust the field of view, screen size, and aspect ratio to suit their preferences. Additionally, VRTV VR Video Player offers various viewing modes, including theater mode, curved screen mode, and floating screen mode, allowing users to personalize their viewing experience.

5. Advanced Playback Controls

VRTV VR Video Player offers a comprehensive set of playback controls to enhance the VR video watching experience. Users can pause, play, rewind, fast forward, and adjust the volume directly within the virtual reality environment. The app also supports gesture controls, enabling users to interact with the video player using head movements or Bluetooth controllers for a more immersive experience.

6. Network Streaming

In addition to local video playback, VRTV VR Video Player supports network streaming, allowing users to stream VR videos directly from online sources. This feature provides access to a vast array of online VR content and eliminates the need for manual video downloads.


VRTV VR Video Player is a feature-rich application designed to bring immersive virtual reality video playback to a wide range of VR platforms. With its broad compatibility, support for multiple video formats, intuitive interface, customizable settings, advanced playback controls, and network streaming capabilities, VRTV VR Video Player offers an all-in-one solution for VR video enthusiasts. Whether you’re watching 360-degree videos or enjoying your favorite movies in VR, this app ensures an engaging and captivating viewing experience.

What’s New

Finally an updated version with support for Android 13. This beta does not include any other changes, but there will be more updates going forward!

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