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LegendAPK, Sunday, October 30, 2022

Tap To Translate Screen

Tap To Translate Screen is an effective screen translation tool to serve all users’ needs. The ability to quickly translate combined with various languages ​​makes the application special.

If you are looking for an effective translation tool on your phone screen, Tap To Translate Screen will meet your needs. This translation application is growing rapidly and each language contains its own nuances. Especially the ability to translate quickly makes the application interesting. You have to make a request and the result will appear immediately, satisfying all the needs of the user.


Users know that Tap To Translate Screen is the most useful screen translation tool available today. Users can ensure that their application meets all screen translation requirements. As long as you are viewing the screen to translate, the application will immediately provide the corresponding translation.


Various languages ​​of Tap To, Translate Screen surprised users. Hundreds of languages ​​and various translations make your application stand out like never before. Users simply select the target language and translate instantly. Paragraphs match their language.


You will be overwhelmed by its diversity and see the translation results instantly. Quickly appearing markers help users not spend too much time and, more importantly, meet all their needs. You can keep translating the same screen into many different target languages.

The highlight of this “Tap To Translate Screen” is how to use a unique voice. When the translation is complete and you want to hear a native speaker say the part, the application will respond immediately.


Users will find that this application offers a series of modern interfaces that are useful for everyone. You can choose the new interface yourself to make it unique and exciting with this application.

Some features:

  • Users only need to make a translation request, and the application will work and give results quickly.
  • The variety of languages ​​always makes users feel excited because it can meet all needs.
  • The ability to translate quickly and correctly is one of the highlights that makes the application different.
  • Various types of searches can be used immediately, and you can also use the desktop to conduct translations.
  • You can listen and analyze the types of translations in the target languages ​​you aim to.

What’s New:
Fix bug translate, improve app performance

☆Premium features unlocked
☆Ads Layout removed/Ad activity Removed
☆Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned
☆Remove default .source name of java files;
☆Cleaned package for fast load
☆Debug Info Removed

This app has no advertisements


  • Bildschirmübersetzer Screenshot
  • Bildschirmübersetzer Screenshot
  • Bildschirmübersetzer Screenshot
  • Bildschirmübersetzer Screenshot
  • Bildschirmübersetzer Screenshot
  • Bildschirmübersetzer Screenshot
  • Bildschirmübersetzer Screenshot


Tap Translate Screen v1.62 [Premium] APK / Mirror

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Tap Translate Screen v1.61 [Premium] APK / Mirror

Tap Translate Screen v1.60 [Premium] APK / Mirror

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