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Smart Book

Smart Book Mod APK – Parallel translation of books is a reading application combined with translation to help you read foreign language documents and acquire new language knowledge.

Parallel translation of books provides a great reading function, and combined with the translation function, you can save your time reading foreign language books. You can read and learn the meaning of any word you are wondering about and learn it in a specific context for easy application later. At the same time, it supports multilingual translation and links to tools and documentation that you can use to compare translation quality.


In a few studying cases, customers could have trouble studying overseas documents, and Parallel translation of books will assist you straightforwardly clear up this problem. You may be capable of study many one-of-a-kind sorts of ee-e book documents and integrate translation capabilities that may be used at any time. So it’s going to store your studying time as you may not want to apply too many apps to study the document. The software possesses many precious functions which you can not ignore.


When it comes to reading apps like bilingual translation, I often wonder what formats can be supported. Your application can easily support fb2 or epub formats in addition to the basic formats that users find. You can read various book files and access great content. Of course, readings are always supported by literal translations.


An thrilling factor while you operate Parallel translation of books is that you may use the interpretation characteristic each time you want. When you come upon a complex sentence, it’ll straight away be translated into your language quickly, and it’s also an possibility as a way to examine a brand new word. The variety of languages that customers can locate withinside the software is absolutely various to apply the software in lots of exclusive situations.

One of the nice things about parallel book translations is the links to popular dictionaries, tools from the Oxford Dictionaries, Microsoft, Reverso Context, and more. meaning of the sentence you are reading. Also, this is an opportunity to learn new vocabulary.


A brilliant factor while the usage of this software to study overseas files is studying new vocabulary phrases in a particular context. Learning the that means of vocabulary in a particular context and mainly in a sentence, a paragraph of the file will assist novices bear in mind the way to use it via precise examples. So, after encountering comparable cases, novices can practice it once more greater as it should be and produce their mind correctly.


Learning a new foreign language requires access to grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Therefore, basic pronunciation skills are necessary to convey the message clearly. This will improve with practice. Find a new word and open the reader to access the correct pronunciation of that word. Also, it is often easier to imitate the pronunciation of a particular sound than to look at its transcription.


Since this is a reading application, some useful features help users with their reading. In particular, users are free to change the font style, font size, and color for readability. You can bookmark your favorite books and find your favorite books. At the same time, you will also know your reading time and estimated time to read a book through statistics.

Users will be able to find a reading tool combined with translation:

  • Foreign documents are no longer a problem for users when they can use the application to read and improve their language skills.
  • You can read and translate at any time and learn new words in a specific context of the document for future use.
  • Linked famous dictionaries and useful translation tools offer the best quality translations and understand the documents’ content.
  • The application can support many different book formats, so users do not need to use too many applications to read the documents.
  • Users can choose their experience by adjusting document factors and knowing the expected time to finish reading the book.

What’s New:
– Added Google translator for words
– Added Translator screen
– Possibility to pin English interpretation of word for Oxford Dictionaries
– Ability to customize the list of translators in the translation panel
– Added the ability to compare translation services
– Ukrainian language added to Reverso Context
– Redesign of the return panel from the reading screen

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  • Lesen Bücher mit Übersetzung Screenshot
  • Lesen Bücher mit Übersetzung Screenshot
  • Lesen Bücher mit Übersetzung Screenshot
  • Lesen Bücher mit Übersetzung Screenshot
  • Lesen Bücher mit Übersetzung Screenshot
  • Lesen Bücher mit Übersetzung Screenshot
  • Lesen Bücher mit Übersetzung Screenshot
  • Lesen Bücher mit Übersetzung Screenshot

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Smart Book v3.1 build 759 [Premium] APK / Mirror

Smart Book v2.3 [Premium] APK / Mirror

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