LightX provides users with a professional photo editing team through beautiful color layers and rich dynamic effects. What’s particularly interesting is that the variety of editing styles allows the application to meet most needs. Try editing the user interface we developed. You’ll love it! It’s back with bug fixes and a few unique features that have made it even more popular.


The Crop Tool released by LightX will satisfy users the most. Select it and you will be able to crop the best part of the image. Combine them and try to create unique new photos. What happens when you layer your photos using the color effects from the collection? Do it now and be amazed by the variety of colors in different tones, from light to dark, to adjust different areas of the image. should check the result.

All tools have the ability to automatically select the area to be edited, which is handy. New compatible areas that need adjustment are selected without spending a lot of time. The way the app presents your work will be great.The curve, tone correction, and color balance tool chains help you to adjust the tone of your image. By aligning the aspect ratio, determining the orientation, and rotating the photo if necessary, you can create a satisfactory work with a good sense of perspective.

LightX Photo apk LightX Photo pro


LightX auto skin smoothing mode makes your selfies more beautiful. The filters work continuously to give the most natural feel possible. Even minor blemishes on your face won’t hurt your freckles and blackhead remover.Because it’s portrait mode, the background is automatically blurred. Go to hair options and try to change your traditional hairstyle. Add a little flashy color. I think the picture will get better!

Browse through a wide range of filters and choose colors that blend in with a variety of styles, including vintage, cinematic, and black and white. Various types of image blur are introduced, including lens blur, background blur, mask blur, and more. The selectable effects are always visible. We value professionalism and set the standard that images come out in the highest quality, save the process, and apply to your next image.

LightX Photo Editor apk LightX Photo Editor pro LightX Photo Editor mod


LightX uses contour tools to quickly manipulate shapes. The outline of the body is drawn with lines, so you can enhance the attractiveness just by dragging. Creating cartoons and caricatures that can be used as decorative stickers is also a unique idea. Merge multiple photos, apply some cool photo frames and wait for the result. You can even create new photo frames with your own photos to help match your romantic theme.

Cute photo stickers are a must and many related themes are suggested or you can search by keyword. You can also use the pull rod to adjust the color characteristics of the sticker. If you want your work to be unique, brushes are always the way to go. The style and size of the pen can also be customized to suit your needs. Try adding text to your photos, such as B. Voices, and meme creation, are no longer complicated when we’re with you!


LightX always wants to bring creativity and innovation to the satisfaction and trust of our users. As a professional photo editing tool on your device, I hope these posts will keep you busy for a long time.Experience a fun editing journey with the app and have a great day!

What’s New


– New & enhanced Blend tool: Now add multiple layers of image & edit them individually using numerous features.


– Better User Experience
– Better Performance
– Bug Fixes

Mod info :

◉ Pro Features Unlocked
◉ Useless item’s Removed
◉ AOSP Compatible / No Google
◉ CPUs arch: Universal
◉ Full Multi Languages
◉ All debug Info Removed
◉ Original Signature Changed
◉ Optimized Graphics / Zipalign
➡️ Note: Login Required to Use Pro Features

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  • LightX bilder bearbeiten Screenshot
  • LightX bilder bearbeiten Screenshot
  • LightX bilder bearbeiten Screenshot
  • LightX bilder bearbeiten Screenshot
  • LightX bilder bearbeiten Screenshot
  • LightX bilder bearbeiten Screenshot
  • LightX bilder bearbeiten Screenshot
  • LightX bilder bearbeiten Screenshot

Downloads : Pro features Unlocked | Paid content Unlocked

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects v2.1.8 b322 [Premium Mod] APK / Mirror

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects v2.1.8 b321 [Premium Mod] APK / Mirror

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects v2.1.8 b317 [Premium Mod] APK / Mirror

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